Frizz Control

Snowflakes, hot chocolate by the fire… and awful, frizzy hair. Winter has its ups and downs, but this year, don’t let the static, hat hair, temperature changes, and indoor heating wreck your mane. Come out to Farmers Park and visit the professionals at Studio 417 Salon for an anti frizz hair treatment which will have you back to your usual sleek self in no time.

Winter Frizz

While frizz happens year round, hair dries out especially quickly during the winter. With colder temperatures outside, and furnaces heating things up inside, your poor follicles don’t stand a chance. Constant exposure to artificial heating can be likened to spending your days under a giant hair dryer — definitely not ideal. That’s where we come in. This winter pay our professionals a visit. We offer a number of keratin and anti frizz treatments which will take you from “Oooh, honey,” to “Oooh-lGirl needing frizz controla-la!” in no time.

Keratin Treatments

Our keratin treatments are just the thing — not only will they make your hair look better, but they will actually help to repair and revitalize damaged strands. This leaves your locks shinier, healthier, and stronger. Deeper treatments offered at Studio 417 Salon, like keratin, heal the hurts inflicted on your hair by daily life. Swimming, exposure to sun, harsh heating and cooling elements, the weather — all are factors which can slowly mount up over time and result in dry, brittle follicles. A keratin anti frizz treatment, or another anti frizz hair treatment or deep conditioning, can go a long way to heal the hurts that end in damage.

Best Salon in Springfield MO

Consistently voted one of the top salons in the Springfield, MO area, our reputation makes us an easy choice. Fifteen years of satisfied, returning customers have cemented our place in the hair salon hierarchy. Our professionals’ extensive experience, as well as national recognition and certifications, should make them the ones you want to treat your damaged hair… or trim and color it when it’s healthier, again.

So don’t stop living your life — or feel obligated to leave the thermostat turned way low or wear a hat to your holiday gatherings — call or click and book online with the anti frizz pros at Studio 417 Salon in Farmers Park, Springfield, MO today!