Studio 417 is always looking for quality,  hard working individuals who are passionate about people and our industry. We offer the following positions:

-apprentice (student)

-assistant (must have a Missouri cosmetology license)

-stylist (must test out of our advanced education program or have equivalent experience)

-salon coordinator (front of house)



To apply for any of these positions, please email [email protected]

Here is what some of our team has to say about working at Studio 417:


Out of the three different salons that I have worked at Studio 417 Salon has been the most influential and beneficial to my career as a stylist. From regular continued education to supportive staff. I have become a much more confident stylist in every way. They have given me the tools to become business savvy, to refine my technical skills, expand my creative mind and simply be the best human I can be in and outside the salon. Studio 417 is my forever home.

-Izzy Cary

I have worked at Studio 417 Salon for 6 years.  Never in my wildest dreams in cosmetology school did I imagine that I would be where I am in my career, and it has been made possible because of this salon. Thanks to the continued education provided by Studio, my skill set has grown every single year and so has my success because of it. We have seen some of the top educators in the industry come all the way to Springfield to train us in salon and many of us have traveled all over the country to attend education that is made possible by the owners of Studio 417. I cannot imagine where my career would be today had i walked into a different salon. We have an extremely dedicated team who is here to work hard and grow in every way and this salon makes that possible. 

-Heather Hardesty

I feel so blessed to call Studio 417 Salon my home. I love the endless opportunities for continued education, the fun upbeat environment, and the coworkers that feel like family! I especially admire my bosses and how much they encourage me to be successful in my work life and my personal life. Two years ago i was going to school and working two jobs dreaming of an opportunity to work as a full time stylist building a steady clientele and Studio has provided me with that and so much more!

-Cass Smith


For me working at studio 417 salon has changed my life in so many ways both behind the chair and in my personal life. It’s truly like a family and both Paul and Hannah Catlett support each and every one of our goals and help us achieve them. This is a place for growth and success from the day you start I promise you your life will be different.

-Taylor Marsh

Before I started working at Studio 417 I had finished hair school the previous year. Like many people born and raised in their hometown, I wanted to venture out and see what was out there. So I moved to Los Angeles to change my scenery and figure out where I wanted to start my career. Living in Los Angeles was such a great experience but something wasn’t quite right for me. So I moved back to Springfield, MO. When I was searching for salons in the area, Studio 417 Salon was the first salon to pop up on google, had a good website with great work AND had good reviews. To me, this was a good sign of a business that knows how keep an online presence and market themselves. When I visited the salon to shadow, the salon environment was so inspiring. Once I started working at Studio I assisted a little over a year, did 12 weeks of in house education and did my friends and families hair during my free time. This consisted of  multiple 12 hour days, 5-6 times a week. I felt like I lived at the salon but I learned so much and became such good friends with everyone I worked with it didn’t feel like work. Over the 6 years I’ve worked here, I’ve been Quidad certified, learned American Wave perming techniques with Arrojo, 901 Academy classes on blonding and balayage techniques along with the various educators who have come to the salon to teach consultations, cutting, color and styling. And I’m still learning!

-Katrina Otagan

I’ve been with Studio 417 Salon for 7 years now. I started here right out of cosmetology school, and it was the best decision I could have made. Not only are you provided education to have you feeling prepared for the salon environment, but also provided with amazing advanced education throughout your career. It’s truly a family-like environment, and you feel supported and cared for every day. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I love my team! 


-Kelly Lichlyter

My name is Jacob Gonzales and I’m 21 years old, currently living the life of a hairstylist! Doing hair is NOT just doing hair. In fact, every day, I get to spend quality time with clients that I have built relationships with and open my mind to new perspectives! These people show me their views on the world, and every day I get to experience the diversity that sits in my chair! The fabulous hair is just a bonus!
Before I thought about doing hair, my main career goal was to become a celebrity makeup artist! I was always playing around with makeup on myself and figured I could make a career out of something that I loved! So, I decided to go to cosmetology school to get some sort of degree/license to work. Cosmetology School is where I learned that makeup was something I enjoyed doing on myself more than others, but hair was something I LOVED doing for others! The gratitude expressed, and the confidence that’s shown from the guest, is worth every bit of hard work that goes in to my days!
After cosmetology school, I was very fortunate to land a job at Studio 417 Salon! The salon is where I truly blossomed into the confident, and talented hairstylist that I am today! I have been surrounded by people who push me to be better, work smarter, more patient, and to never give up! When the people around you have goals, and are working to achieve those goals, either you’re going to do the same thing, or you’re going to give up. Giving up is no option for me, and I’m grateful that my coworkers inspire me to keep going every day! I am who I am today, because of where I’m at, and who I have surrounded myself with!

-Jacob Gonzales