Treatable areas:

· Face

· Neck

· Stomach

· Love Handles

· Thighs (inner, outer)

· Arms (upper, lower)

· Back

· Buttocks

Each treatment is $200 and is one hour. You may treat multiple areas in the same day but must wait one week to treat the same area. For more information please text 417-315-2082 or email [email protected] She will use one of the following methods to achieve your look and sculpt your fat away!


Skin Tightening: using a laser to tighten skin, improve skin elasticity, and improve collagen.

Cellulite Suctioning: A suction vacuum is used to reduce cellulite and plump the skin.

Fat Removal: Using radio frequency vibrations to break up fat cells and direct them into your lymphatic system for excretion.