Spring in Springfield MO Means a New Trendy Hairstyle

Spring is about newness, so why not try a new look this year? At Studio 417 Salon, your favorite hair salon in Farmers Park, we can give you a cutting edge look, whether you want a new cut, color or both. With all the new trends this year, there are options to fit your personal style, no matter what it is.

Messy Pixie Cut Springfield MO

For cuts in 2016, low maintenance is the theme. If you’re ready to go from long or medium to short, “messy pixie” cuts are huge in hair salons this year.┬áIt’s a longer version of the traditional pixie, just long enough on top to be messy. This allows for a variety of different styles, from parting on the side to puffing it up into a pompadour on your forehead.

For meWavy Lob Hair Style Springfield MOdium length hair, the “wavy lob” is the go-to cut this year. It’s like a traditional bob, only longer and the hair is waved instead of curled under. In this cut, the hair is about shoulder length or a little shorter, which gives a lot of the same possibilities for styling as longer hair but with the manageability of a bob.Slicked Back Hair Style Springfield MO

For long hair, we like the slicked back look. After you straighten your hair, flip it forward like you are making a ponytail, apply a strong sculpting gel, then flip back for some volume on the top and your hair pulled away from your face. Salon perfect in minutes!

Accessories are expHair Accessories Hairstyle Springfield MOected to be the hottest hair trend of 2016. Whatever you’ve got -wear it in your hair. Tiaras, large barrettes worn close to the face, and colorful thread or string wrapped around sections of hair like a ponytail holder are all big this year. Headpieces too- think Carmen Miranda with ones made of a large headband of flowers, fake fruit or fabric.

Cinnamon Swirl Hair Springfield MO

For hair color, the hot salon trends for 2016 are a mix of colors. “Cinnamon swirl hair” is exactly what it sounds like; a mix of golden blonde and brown tones that resemble the colors of a cinnamon roll.

Colormelt Springfield MO Hairstyle
“Color melting” creates a multidimensional effect by starting at the top with a darker tone that lightens as it moves down your head. It “melts” the colors together so you can’t tell where one color stops and another starts.

Pastel Hair

If you don’t have to worry about the boss, pastels are all the rage this year. You can do your whole head in a solid color such as turquoise, lavender, green or pink, or just the tips. Conversely, you can do separate sections of your hair in each of those colors for a beautiful mix of “unicorn hair.”

If you’re looking for a solid color, warm blondes are making a comeback after several years of cool blondes being popular.
So whether it’s an office professional, laid back or a fun look you’re after, Studio 417 is your hair salon answer in Springfield, MO.