Ouidad Curly Hair SpecialistsCurly Haircuts Are Our Specialty

Naturally-curly hair is beautiful! Happily, more and more people are choosing to celebrate their curly hairstyles, rather than subjecting them to daily straightening or hiding their natural look. If you have some texture to your tresses, cutting and styling and getting haircuts for curly hair can be a stressful experience. Instead of shying away from haircuts and feeling forever frizzy; come to Studio 417 Salon and let us help you embrace those long, mid-length, or short curly hairstyles.

Quidad Certified Salon in Springfield

Finding a salon where the technician understands how your hair ‘works’, your style, or your story, is an incredible gift. At Studio 417 Salon, we can confidently back up this statement: we are proud to be one of the only Ouidad-certified salon in Missouri. This means that we are affiliated with the first salon in the world devoted entirely to curly hairstyles. Our well-trained, certified curl specialists on site are ready to take you — and your gorgeous, curly hair — to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for advice on haircuts for curly hair that would better suit your texture and face shape, aiming to add some color and repair damage, or simply seeking sleek, short curly hairstyles; Studio 417 Salon has it under control! Watch your fluffy, damaged hair become gloriously glossy, with curls that fit into one another like puzzle pieces. You will love the difference and be able to truly appreciate your one-of-a-kind mane, rather than fighting daily with frizzy tangles.

Your Curly Hair Nightmares are Over

If you have ever had a stylist complain about how hard your hair is to deal with or just how much of it there is, then you know that the curly life struggle can be very real. Maybe you have excitedly gone into an appointment with pictures of your dream look, and come out feeling that you look less like a dream and more like a sheepdog. Maybe you have experienced horrible dye jobs that don’t take properly to your texture, or look streaked and patchy. Have you had “treatments” that do way more damage than good? Do you still have nightmares of “Styling” that sends you home in tears and ends with you frantically redoing (and trying to undo) the horrors inflicted on your poor hair just in time for a special occasion? At Studio 417 Salon, we understand curly haircuts, styles, colors and overall curly hair care.

When you visit our Ouidad curl specialists at Farmers Park for a cut, a blow-out, special event styling, or treatments and therapies; you can be confident that you’ll leave looking and feeling incredible — inside and out. Long or short, tight coils or loose ringlets, fine or more coarse, thick or thin; our curl specialists will work with you so you can love your natural look. Call, book online, or check out the services we offer today. The Ouidad curl specialists at Studio 417 Salon look forward to seeing you — and your luscious locks — in person!