The material things carried out are ascertained by specific “Indicators”, internal auto-control tools that have been monitoring company loyalty to Sustainable Beauty since 2007.

Davines has in fact availed itself of SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS to measure three macro-areas identified as an internal sustainability “thermometer”: waste production, use of resources and ethics.

The first two areas are aimed at minimizing our environmental impact in order

not to jeopardise the availability of resources today and in the future. Indicators are recording a positive trend: decreasing water use and waste production; increasing use of natural ingredients with a +16% of ingredients from organic farming!

Instead, ethics refers to the quality of human and labour relations, as well as to the freedom of creation and expression, which is at the basis of our pioneering spirit. In Davines every idea is born free and develops with authenticity.

What are our plans for the future?

Continue investing in sustainability, strengthening the positive results achieved and opening new areas of interest, remaining loyal to the spirit of continuous improvement that is part of the company’s DNA.

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