John is a senior stylist and hospitality director at Studio 417 Salon.

Here are a few tips from John for keeping your hair looking its best!


It is helpful when a client comes to the salon with their hair styled the way they wear it most often. This helps the stylist and client to identify problems they are having with styling their hair and address areas of concern.


MEN. Never underestimate the power of a blow dryer. Is your hair flat or thin? Dull or frizzy? A blow dryer and the right products before and after will change your life. Ask your stylist to demonstrate how a blow dryer can benefit you.


When you come to the salon prepared to engage in a thorough consultation, it is beneficial for you and your stylist. Although it is fun to let us get creative and “work our magic” on your hair, if you have a specific style in mind, please give us details. A picture really is worth a thousand words!


Change is good! Drastic changes in appearance often result in disappointment and weaken the integrity of your hair. When it’s time for a change, set goals and be patient as it may require several visits to achieve the desired result.


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