Professional Balayage Coloring by Studio 417 Salon

At Studio 417 in Springfield, MO, our coloring experts can give you the balayage coloring that makes your hair look naturally sun-kissed.

What makes balayage coloring different from other coloring services?

Balayage coloring is done by hand, which means our experts use a brush to paint the coloring on the surface of your hair instead of saturating it through the whole section of hair, giving the color a soft and natural look. In fact, balayage is a French word that means to sweep or paint.

Our balayage experts are the best in Springfield, MO at giving you a custom coloring that fits your skin tone for an amazing look that lights up your features. This is a skilled technique, and it takes skilled stylists to make it great.

Plus, because balayage coloring looks so natural, it requires very little maintenance. As your hair grows out, there’s no obvious regrowth line because the color is blended so finely. This means you can wear this amazing look for a longer period of time between appointments here at Studio 417. Just protect it like you would any other coloring.

Balayage coloring works on light hair or dark hair, so pretty much anyone can pull it off. It generally works best on hair shoulder length or longer, but it looks good on a pixie cut, too. You may not want to do balayage coloring if you have very short cropped hair.

Balayage coloring has been around for a while, and its beauty is still timeless. It looks more natural, it looks more bespoke, and it’s low maintenance. Contact us today about scheduling an appointment with one of our balayage coloring experts and let us make your hair look amazing.